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Deer painting taken in an exhibition in Kyoto, 2011

D. Lau is from Singapore and offers a perspective into her thirty-something life through her blog – Lines & Columns. Pretty old, I know. She was actually trying to think of a cool pseudonym but as it is, she is not too adept at giving herself names.

She chose her blog link as ‘thinfineline‘ because she feels that there is a thin fine line between many things in Life. She is interested in the art of curating a wardrobe, good reads, travelling, photography and an excellent brew of coffee. A perfect day for her is to hang out at a cozy cafe with a lot of natural light, wooden table tops with a good book in hand, a steaming cup of coffee and have a plate of delicious, colourful macarons to tuck into.

For the year of 2012, she has decided to undertake the task of getting better at organizing and seeking a harmony with her small room. Oh, and insert some exercise routine into her life.