I don’t know what took me so long but I have hopped onto the Android bandwagon! I honestly thought I would go for the Samsung Galaxy S II because I wasn’t impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Note’s size factor. Yes, not everything bigger is better.

I know that the S III is coming out (rumoured to be May 3rd) but I didn’t want to wait for the price war which would ensue because waiting for the S II price to drop could easily take over a month and plus, there is the consideration of whether one should go for the latest and greatest before I could get a phone so I went with the Samsung Galaxy Note. It would be nice to get it in pink but it wasn’t in stock and I got the white one at a steal.

After using it intensively for a day, I am ready to concede defeat about my initial impressions of it being awkward and too large as a phone. I still think it is too large as a phone but the 5.3″ screen did not bug me as I thought it would. The boyfriend was right on one count at least. People call each other less nowadays. They message, they email, they facebook but they seldom make an actual call. Sometimes I wouldn’t even get one call a day. Therefore, I could easily get a bluetooth headset to stop myself from looking silly, holding a giant screen to my face.

Anyway, after reading some reviews and determining my usage habits (which will include some accidental phone slips to the floor), I decided on a wallet case for the phone. I didn’t want just a case that is cheap and didn’t protect my phone. The good thing about these wallet cases is that not only does it protect the screen, there are also some additional card slots and/or a money slot which is exceptionally useful when you didn’t want to be fiddling with the wallet when you are overseas. I found a few really nice ones by Zenus but decided on the midnight blue Tridea leather case. This one has protection on all the edges which is essential for a klutz like me. The Zenus ones I was looking at have clip-ons but seems to offer no protection on the rounded edges from what I can see but of course they also have some amazing ones like the Prestige Vintage G-note Diary Leather Case but I wasn’t that ready to fork out 66 USD for it yet and the Tridea one seems to be able to do the same at half the price.

Right now, while waiting for the new wallet case to arrive, I am using the SwitchEasy Hot Pink Plastic Case. Seriously, I have no idea if this is really from SwitchEasy because I couldn’t find my case at all from their website but the plastic case that I have right now fits perfectly, is of a high quality and even if it’s not SwitchEasy, it would be something I would gladly pay the bucks for. I’ll probably attempt to do some kind of a review of the Tridea case because I am a geek that way and I like to inform people like me of value buys!