I’ve sort of been into a scarf-buying craze recently. People around me probably think I am going nuts. Singapore is not exactly a weather-friendly place to be wrapping scarves round necks but I couldn’t resist the juxtaposing prints and how the right colours brighten up the face. I see it as wrapping art around the neck.

But here comes the problem. If the scarf is an artwork of strong graphic design or watercolours, it needs to show off on a blank canvas. My clothes should be the ground to display it in full glory. I am rather fond of prints and frills on my clothes in the past and somehow, it dulls the beauty of what scarves can bring. Now as I grow older each year, I find myself mellowing and tending towards a code of simplicity and nothing too ostentatious. I move towards a desire to wear cooling chambray shirts with slacks or a certain beige safari jacket with a white tank and shorts and could not be happier living in them. Have I found my ‘uniform’ at last? Then there is a desire to introduce spots of colour into the ensembles and scarves became my perfect accessory. Over the course of last week, I picked up a geometric scarf peppered with triangle prints and one which has a thick red border with blue, green and white lines running through it. I thought it looked beautiful with my khaki safari jacket. THEN, I picked up another with a striped border and repeated pink florals which lured me with its contrasting prints. I now desperately crave for basics which would create picture perfect moments with my scarves. Not only must they be considered a wardrobe staple, they need to serve multiple functions.

  • It must be suitable for a semi-casual environment so I can breeze in looking chic.
  • Hopefully they will be of a reasonably good quality so I can wear them over and over again.
  • They should look good with my dark denim jeans or denim shorts which are my favourite types of bottoms.

I started getting mopey thinking that it is going to take me a long time to find perfect pieces and then I wandered into Monsoon. We have Monsoon in Singapore too but of a limited selection, especially for the larger ladies. In fact, I could not remember them carrying past a UK Size 18 so I didn’t have much hope as I clicked through their online store selection but holy moly, they had what I was looking for! I first saw the Suzy shirt which is a white colour with seafoam accents and I really liked it so I clicked on ‘Select Size’ and found that they carried up to my size! I could have done a little war dance on the spot, except that I hurriedly looked for the shipping information. I often got disappointed because the US and UK stores often refused to ship to Singapore. I must have a four leaf clover stuck to my butt or something because not only do they ship to Singapore, the shipping price is amazingly reasonable and the rest is history. I pored over the pages and picked out the above 4 pieces. I could have picked a lot more but some ran out of sizes and I should really order just a few to make sure the sizing is right because I go all out!

I like the fact that these basics each had a girly name – Audrey, Sophia, Sarah and Esther. Need I really tell you why I picked Audrey? Yes, I am very much enamoured with the Parisian ingénue look. I bought a navy and green striped tee from New Look which started balling after the first wear and it made me sad because I did like the stripes and colour combination on that one. Sophia was picked for her charming little flower buttons and prints all over it. Sarah was one out of 2 contestants but I decided I liked the button-down factor and it looks like it is the perfect length for me. Finally Esther had a lot of other friends also called ‘Esthers’ but she was favoured due to the lovely lilac shade and if this fits, I am going for the Aqua and Seafoam colours! I can’t wait for them to get here and try them on!