I have a friend and I’ve known her for as long as I can remember. I first knew her when she was thirteen and we were in the same class and this would be our eighteenth year of knowing each other. That’s more than half of my lifetime.

She is a mother of one cute little boy and possibly one of the most resourceful people I know. We stay just two subway stops away from each other and meet up regularly for dinner. Yesterday was one of such occasions. Over a late night dinner of fried chicken, we started talking about our jobs. I told her about my public speaking experience and she told me about how she has this idea of a side business. I gave her more ideas and we started poring over options. In less than 24 hours, when I was still in bed, we started whatsapp-ing each other even more ideas and suddenly, this lightbulb of a business idea became … feasible. I seriously think we could be business owners. The spontaneity of the decision struck me – I am thirty one this year and I have nothing much to show for it besides having a good job with a stable income, a few good friends, a supportive family and a boyfriend I love. If I could, I would like to have a budding business that would be my baby and hopefully it would earn us enough profit to take us from employees to employers and bring additional income to my mother because that would mean she could quit her manual-intensive day job and work for us instead. She doesn’t have to work so hard anymore, cutting fruits at a fruit stall and moving crates of heavy fruit from the storeroom by herself.

Of course, at this stage, everything is just talk. I recognize that there are probably a thousand other things that we need to have before we can kickstart an idea. There is the registration of a company, calculation of costs, determining the product and the price, selecting a target audience, days and nights of hard work, times we have to go without our sleep, proposing to the market, advertising and keeping things new and I am not even halfway done here on what we have to do to make it real. But I have conviction that this might just work. Every great business out there starts off as an idea and a conviction and most importantly, pushing aside the fear of failure and plunging in with all your heart.

Wish me luck.