There are things to do while waiting for the appearance of an occasional late friend like popping into the nearest supermarket. I like grocery shopping and usually end up overstocking on toiletries or on food items just to fill up the sad-looking trolley, plus it is hard to deny the attraction of exotic-sounding cheese names or the pink-foiled packagings of the Rosé wine. There was this one day, I was determined not to spend a single cent on groceries since the week before, my coworkers and I spent an obscene two hundred and seventy dollars for a dinner held at Kai’s place but I have to admit, there was pure frivolity in the mix. We picked up a fifty dollars rock melon originating from Japan. It is also befitting that I mention that we won some shopping vouchers which helped to offset the cost lest you should think the very worst of our spending habits. For those who are curious about how a fifty dollars rock melon tastes like, it tasted as if the melon had been marinated in concentrated sugar syrup. Yes, it was that sweet and I could only hope that it was au naturel. But with this degree of cloying sweetness, it is hard to imagine that even if it is natural, it could be good for health in the long run.

Back to the habit of grocery shopping while waiting for the late friend, I decided to hang out at the pasta corner this time round, learning the names and differentiating the types of pasta. So there is Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Penne, Linguini, Fusilli, Conchiglie, Fettuccine, Macaroni and Ravioli. There you have it, a good way of passing some excess time without spending anything and yet learning something to order at restaurants with ease or chat up a cute Italian male.

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Image is taken from Typophile Battle.

In a bid to keep my reading interest going, I went on a mini spree to procure white, lined craft notebooks from Muji and at the shop, I could not resist the urge to acquire a beautiful charcoal, fabric-lined notebook. When I was still in school, I had a habit of copying lovely quotes off books and compiling them together to use at a later time. Reading them again brought back a sense of nostalgia and a desire that this habit should be continued as long as I should live and am able to read.