I’ve stopped obsessing about bags a little, never thought of buying another one since the return from Canada. I’ve always had a little soft spot for bags and purses because they are the very accessories that transcend body mass index.

Sure I can’t fit into that size 10 top and my ring size is also bigger than a 7 and these are the limitations Fashion puts on plus sizes sometimes but there is no way a large girl cannot carry a bag. She most definitely can hold it, clutch it, carry it, sling it, you name it. I also don’t believe that a person’s weight or vital statistics is top most on a bag designer’s mind as he/she sketches away and chooses the material. They might have at one point, visualize the bag on a regular size girl and upon completion, have chosen a size 4 to model it on the runway but there is no way bag designers could deliberately exclude a “larger” audience (pun intended) which is why I love bags so. It makes me feel normal to be able to extend that purchasing power on something I love and could wear it on me. For example, I could save and have 2000 bucks to spend on a Miu Miu dress but hey, even armed with that money, the dress is out of my reach because it wasn’t catered for girls my size. However with that same amount, I could blow it on a Louis Vuitton bag and it would and could be mine.

Needless to say, I had my more than fair share of bag buying over the years. It was the one comfort shopping item I could turn to when I was depressed that my slimmer friends were busy snapping up cute dresses and I could only watch and envy. Don’t get me wrong, I could have done something to lose the weight for sure and I don’t hate my friends for being slim. My not losing weight is purely a matter of ill discipline and a probable misguided conviction that everyone should be loved and respected for who they are. Still, it is not wrong to envy is it? (That was way before I discovered the wonders of online shopping.)

I had many bags and I still have many bags but I am now starting to deliberate about the wisdom of having quality over quantity. Frankly speaking, I think I’ve started to grow a little older and there is no longer a satisfaction to be gained from changing bags every single day to match my outfit and so I’ve started to think about having bags that could bring me from work to a few drinks in the bar or a day trip to the neighbouring country or maybe even to sipping Mojitos by the beach. It also has to be a comfortable bag, something that I can carry without it slipping off my shoulders because the shoulder straps are too short.

It is very understated and quietly elegant. It is definitely a fuss-free bag and it comes with a price tag that doesn’t make me cringe. Funny thing was I was choosing between this and another MBMJ bag which is a cross body with a metal dove clasp. My friend kept commenting how cute the other bag was and she found this too plain. But after a few walks around Holt Renfrew, I couldn’t stop thinking about this and decided to get it instead. I am very happy that I didn’t relent and sway towards the metal dove cross body. Cute as it was, it didn’t have the buttery soft leather feel of this one and its classic silhouette means I would get much more use out of it. I would love to have some canvas rucksacks and may found some in Baggu but where totes are concerned, I am done. Sure one day, I’ll love to be able to afford a Chloé or a Céline but while I’m waiting for that to happen, this black leather tote is enough for me.