Lured by the promise of cheap drinks, as cheap as CAD 2.50 per drink, beer or liquor, it became a regular Thursday habit for the people in the office to hangout and have many a premature toasts before the arrival of weekends. This is especially inviting, especially since (alcoholic) drinks in Singapore border on the price range of being ridiculous so what better way is there for you to bond, drink and make merry even if it means that people hold in their bladders as much as they could to avoid succumbing to the disgusting bathrooms and that the dingy bar has an elongated floor plan which made sure you rub your wares, front and back, against total strangers as you try to make your way to the bar counter?

The good thing is that we soon left the dingy place with cheap drinks after happy hours are over and went over to Clinton’s Tavern where there was live folk music played on accordions and ukeleles. Clinton’s Tavern has a pub out in the front and a dance hall at the back. It is said to be in business since 1937 and is the second oldest tavern in Toronto. (source)

It has survived the Great Depression, World War II, the turbulent 60s and the horrors of 80s fashion by understanding that patrons of any era will respond to good food and good music.

In the 60s, Frank Sinatra kept a private room upstairs, visiting whenever he was in town and several bands have launched their careers at Clinton’s too including The Barenaked Ladies. It was just so lovely to sit around with a drink and hear people crooning to you in a warm and enclosed environment. My favourite song that night was Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”.


Clinton’s is located at 693 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M6G 1L5.