I heard a quote that was amazing to me … and that my eyes widened, my mouth gasped and my heart filled with disbelief when I heard it.

Running away is not going to solve anything.

We all heard this at one point in time or another, maybe more than once or maybe people have been telling us that for our entire lives. And this is one of the things I do firmly believe in even though I engage in the occasional delusion but it was never for long.

What was amazing about this was the source it came from. It came from a man I once deeply cared about and this same person turned and ran away from me without leaving me notes or explaining why. Now he is saying this line to one of my closest friends he has fallen in love with. How Life makes fun of us in the strangest way!

I snickered and laughed at the absurdity of this turnaround situation, the hypocrisy of it all and the perfect irony of the current circumstance.

There was also a sad story before the triumph. I already had a strong feeling that they were seeing each other despite my friend’s attempts at delicacy and she refrained in all manners possible from throwing his name into my path. I felt sad that she probably had to hide her joy from me in case I get upset with her even though her heart could be singing a song and bursting with love.

Question is: Could I have felt happy for her or would I be a toxic friend and speak more ill of the Devil than what he already was?

What was sadder is the realization that I felt I could have been happy for her but yet, she didn’t trust me to do so.