Last November, I attended her solemnization ceremony in an English tea cafe setting, beautifully wallpapered to resemble a cozy salon and was being served with crunchy blueberry cookies in gold-foiled tins. I remembered wearing a fuchsia charmeuse top with lace trimmings and a wooden horse necklace by Vice & Vanity.

Since then, the one year has come to its full circle and her ceremonial wedding is to take place this coming Friday. As part of the sisterhood entourage, we made it our duty to ensure that the groom and his friends would suffer under the tiniest twitch on our faces and our bidding be dutifully fulfilled under the slightest wave of our manicured fingertips.

And I have a perfectly gorgeous hat of a rich, baritone purple decorated with two satin roses of a lighter shade and a wisp of a veil. I think I will find my heart’s content in showing off such an exquisite object.